@. We at "Tushar Handworks" promote all kinds of handworks in textiles as is possible to create in remote areas of villages in Rajasthan.
@. At "Tushar" all the pieces are made separately by different crafts women in remote desert areas.
@.Most of the women are illiterate and farm workers who earn extra livelihood through this God gifted Art.
@.A very slow processed work in which a Bedcover takes more than 30days before it is complete in appliqué work. Hand embroidered is even slower
@.Camels are used in these desert areas for distribution and collection of material in families in different villages.
@.Jaipur is about 800 km away from these remote areas where the work is carried on bye needle & thread.
@.We hope that you will enjoy using "Tushar" products and will be able to feel the are and labor of craftsmen & women.

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