It is a belief that ethically made premium quality slow textile is rare to be sourced for a particular brand. With establishment of Tushar Handworks in 1987, we made it much easier for slow fashion brands worldwide to create their dream projects and collections in collaboration with our amazing team.

We craft with love for slow fashion textiles considering very minutely to every detail plus also adhere to strictest quality standards of quality.

Since 1987, we have collaborated with many top notch and talented ethical slow textile retailers & wholesalers from Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Germany UK, USA, Chile and Australia. Our wholesale slow clothing collection has always prevailed to be fashion forward, trending and unique. Most important! it does not really cost a fortune.

Family of Tushar Handworks team comprises of the qualified passionate professionals, who are dedicated in selecting and creating best brands that helps you to discover apparels, furnishings and accessories. We have sketched our clothing in such a way that slow fashion can be made accessible to all the clientele of our buyers worldwide in an efficient & economical way.  

Our entire slow textile line is designed, created, packed and shipped from India.