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Each year team Tushar Handworks is a part of some exquisite exhibitions all around the world to display its range of slow fashion textiles & accessories created in collaboration with the local artists & craftsmen.

These Exhibitions are almost the heart & soul of our company as our slow textiles get a chance to interact with our old clientele & we also look forward to increase the dimensions of our collaborations with new companies.

All the exhibitions come as a blessing for both the participants and visitors as both hands are helping their community to grow & prosper through this wonderful platform. Besides this co-creating new  collections with our clients is so much of fun!!

Below are details of some of the International shows Tushar Handworks is a part of each year-


The association of Tushar Handworks with Japan started back in 1987 when we collaborated with Japanese brands to produce vegetable dyes & hand block printed Yukatas (Japanese kimono).

It was in 2005 when we first participated in India Garment Fair at Japan and have been a continuous participant in the same for last many years. Our participation in the show is once in a year and we launch our latest summer range of slow fashion crafted by our artists & craftsmen for Japanese market.

We serve about 11 brands in Japan with our slow textiles. Some of them have been working with us for past 30 years.


Paris – ‘The city of dream & fashion’ is a destination we always look forward to visit and meet wonderful ethical brands who travel to FATEX from all over Europe.

Since 2009, Tushar handworks have been a regular part of shows taking place at Porte-de-versailles. We  showcase our latest spring summer range at the show besides some winter ideas from our upcoming winter launch.


Las Vegas- ‘The city that never sleeps’ is a wonderful host to one of our favorite exhibition ‘Sourcing at Magic’.  Tushar Handworks showcases its Autumn-Winter line up at the show which is dedicated to the American & south American market.

The best part of the show is you get to meet the brands traveling from all over the world. The slow textiles produced by us are being adored by everyone at the show which adds up to a great boost up for our artists & craftsmen families.


Pret-A-Porter Paris is the most awesome exhibition to be a part of when it comes to Fashion. Tushar Handwors enjoys displaying its slow fashion creation by its cluster of local artists at this amazing platform.

We create specialized capsule collections dedicated to European taste and market in suave organic fabrics as a part of our preparation for the show. We have been a part of the show since 2013 and our participation is usually once in a year.


Since 2012, Tushar Handworks has been a part of a wonderful buyer seller meet that’s being organized in wonderful cities of Barcelona & Madrid for 2 days each.

The exhibition attracts prominent ethical brands from Spain besides new start ups, boutiques & retailers. We love meeting everyone and sharing our capabilities of the art & craft that lies within our products.

At the BSM, we usually display both our spring summer and & autumn winter range that we had created for the Spanish market. Besides garments we also display handmade accessories like bags, hats and caps, belts, footwear besides our beautifully crafted handmade strings which is loved by everyone in Spain.

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