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How can we collaborate and work with Tushar Handworks to produce collections for our brand?

Please go through the collections in our look-books. Select the capsule collection and styles that are most suitable for your client/store/brand & email us the form on the look-book page with your comments. Alternatively, you may provide us your designs and use our prints & techniques to co-create an entirely different range.

Once we receive information on your selections via email, we shall respond back with details of fabric qualities & pricing of the selected styles. After the details are approved by you we will proceed ahead with sampling that would be couriered to you as per the paperwork furnished at the time of sampling.

After samples are received at your end, you may make further changes in them & order a re-sample or we may directly move ahead with the quantities that you need to produce in those styles for your store/customers.

The goods are than manufactured by us within a set mutual time limit & upon completion the goods are being shipped out to the customer with proper international documentation.

What is the profile of customers at Tushar Handworks & which are the major Countries Tushar Handworks Export to?

Our client/buyer or customer can be a private label, brand, wholesaler, retailer, boutique, designer OR a new startup located OUTSIDE India.

Since 1987 we have been exporting to about 27 countries out of which the major ones Japan, USA, Chile, Uruguay, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Croatia, England & Switzerland.

What is our minimum order quantity?

At Tushar Handworks we do not have any minimum order quantity as such & we solely rely on buyer’s requirement to produce the kind of quantity they are looking at. Being a sustainable company we must not have minimums and it’s a must to produce only that is required at the other end.

What is our lead time to supply samples & productions?

Once the sample/production order is confirmed, depending upon the volume of order Tushar Handworks would need 15-30 days ex-Jaipur to dispatch a sampling request and 30-90 days ex-Jaipur to dispatch a production order.

What is our design privacy policy and how do we maintain exclusivity of collections for our clients?

At Tushar Handworks, we strictly follow the rule of ‘first come first serve’ for the styles that are selected by the buyers for production. We supply one style, one print to a particular buyer in one country which makes sure that the design remains exclusive to the client and their customers are able to source this only through them.

Additionally, the buyers who provide their own designs for development have the sole authority over their design and it is exclusive only to them.

What are our Quality procedures & measures?

Being in service for 30+ years gives us an edge of experience for maintaining the most stringent of qualities. Also, serving the Japanese market since 1987 has added another feather in our cap due to the world’s most strict quality measures in Japan. We are blessed to have a dedicated quality control team with an experience of over 20+ years and in some cases 25+ years. All the products passes through 3 stage quality check which includes various technical aspects of measurements, shrinkage etc.

Additionally, we assist buyers to have lab testing done of productions through a government recognized test laboratories in order to form norms of International quality standards. These tests many include color fastness test, azo-free test, precipitation test & the list goes on.

Can we produce your styles and designs as per specifications of fabric, print, color & embellishments provided by you?

Yes please, absolutely, you may give us any kind of developments and we can straight away take your request into sampling development and provide you the required samples within a mutually set time limit.

Can you use your brand name, logos, tags etc. on styles designed by Tushar Hadnworks?

Of course Yes, you may absolutely select our style and put the labels & tags of your brand/shop. The reason being at the end of the day what matters to us is the work that we generate for 500+ artists & craftsmen families that depend on the textile work.

We take great pride & pleasure in putting the client’s name on all the artwork produced by us.

What are the steps we are taking on fair-trade & sustainability?

Since 1987, Tushar Handworks has been involved in a series of revolutions in its support to sustainability, fair-trade & slow fashion. Some of these revolutions include incorporating hand processes in our designs of local artists, reaching out to craftsmen in far out villages to make sure their art makes a mark on the international platform.

Our page on ‘Sustainability’ in the website elaborates our journey further in creating a happy sustainable world through development of our products.

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