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Organic Fabrics

Tushar Handworks produces a huge range of organic fabrics which are 100% GOTS certified. These can be produced by us in multiple qualities of voile, sheeting etc. as per the client’s requirement. We suggest all our clients to become more sustainable my creating their 100% range in organic fabrics.


Slow accessories was one of the first concept introduced by Tushar Handworks to its clients back in 1995. We intensively collaborated with village artists, local artists & created a regime of products like handmade belts, neckgears, buttons, wallets, key holders and took contemporary handwork to next level. More details in

Soft home furnishings

Tushar Handworks came into existence in 1987 with creation of handmade soft home furnishings using traditional handblock prints & vegetable dyes. Furnishings have been one of our oldest slow textile love and there is an incredible amount of artist families involved with us in creating some magical designs.
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