Installation Art | Tushar Handworks

Handmade hangers

In 2007, Our head designer during one of his market trips saw lot of wasted cane at a furniture store. This gave him an idea to use this cane for the garment hangers. Tushar Handworks just did that and created beautiful cane hangers for displaying their own samples as well

Handmade Lights

Have you ever wondered for sustainable options of lighting for your showroom? We have a great idea for you. Have a look at these Tushar Handworks handmade lantern baskets wrapped with patchwork. They give a great light focus and are 100% handmade making it absolutely sustainable.

Roof, Floor & walls

We create a temporary roof, floor & wall designs by upcycling waste materials matching to the wardrobes & flooring of the showroom. These walls created by Tushar Handworks have been highly successful in bringing out the best in the displayed product. As other materials this also can be custom made

Garment racks

The garment racks designed by Tushar Handworks are multipurpose and these could showcase both garments & accessories. We may custom create them as per the size of your store.
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