Slow fashion | Tushar Handworks

Vintage washes

Every slow textile created by artists at Tushar Handworks incorporates some kind of innovative washing technique. Our favorite look is to make textile look earthier with a wash. Different techniques depending on nature of fabric are used to enhance the weaving pattern of the textile.

Hand Embroidery

The tradition of hand embroidery, appliqué, cutwork and running hand stitch dates back to 1987 when Tushar handworks collaborated with god gifted village embroidery artists. Our artwork is carried out at artists home in small villages adding to our sustainability initiative & creating better lives for craftsmen. We cater to


Shibori work for Tushar Handworks dates back 33 Years when we collaborated with Japanese clientele to produce Yukata in intricate African needle tie dye. The second generation of shibori families are now an active regular force with us in producing niche shibori designs.

Hand block prints

Since 1987, Tushar Handworks works with a cluster of traditional block print families to produce a variety of vegetable prints, batik prints & other historical blockprint techniques. We can create any of your designs using Handblock.
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