The Journey to our “One & Done” collection began with the company’s Summer Business trip to France. The Beautiful city of Paris has got somewhat a Fresh Air of Inspirations all around it. Everything inspires- Lovely people, beautiful surroundings- There’s a subtle calmness & peace that begins to follow as soon as you are on a Paris Road trip.

 As the trip progressed, the prominent Glorified architecture all around in Paris became our inspiration for designing the Prints of Summer ’20 collection.

The name “One & Done” – Well the meaning is as exact as it sounds, it’s when you put on any single piece outfit from our collection and there you go, you’re done! You don’t need any matching tops or bottoms, neither any 2-3 piece office suit, just our exclusively designed single piece of clothing gets you dressed from Head to toe & you are out of the door for a fantastic day!

The collection further breaks up into four parts with a total of twelve prints created & crafted for the collection. Each part of the collection features six colors. Further, each color features- Two tunics/tops, One Dress & one lower.

We hope that you truly enjoy the calmness & Suave beauty of our SS’20 Collection.

Love & Peace,