Hello Friends, Firstly we would like to articulate our thanks for visiting our website “Tushargroup.com”. We would love to share through this blog our journey since 1987 which is just beyond imagination. We have not created a slow textile company but by God’s grace, it is unique fashion house that crafts sustainable handmade slow textiles beautifully in 30 year old collaborations with local artists.

It was in the year 1987 when Mrs. Vandana Jain AND Mr. Subash Bhatnagar, laid the foundation of Tushar Handworks. Mr. Bhatnagar is the man of words and with all his all hard work he began the exports of fashion apparel. Mrs. Jain is the backbone of this brand. It was her vision that took the company at a position where it can export quality clothing for women all over the world.

It was in Japan from where the company began their export journey. The slow textiles that are exported by Tushar Handworks are designed and created in house by our amazing team who are the strong pillars of our organization. In further years after foundation, the company covered various countries like France, Spain, USA etc.

The company launches two collections – Spring Summer and Autumn Winter every year. It is the manufacturer of sustainable handmade slow textiles in India and creates the trending styles of slow fashion that match to the needs of ethical fashion of different countries.

As the time passed, it is in the year 2005 when Mr. Tushar shared the responsibility of delivering quality art work to the world. It is then, the company participated in various exhibitions worldwide and have been recognized and awarded for quality. The faith of its clients is the real earning. Moreover introduction of the second generation in the business and still having the initial clients in its contacts is what created it as a dignified and trustworthy brand in wholesale slow fashion industry.

With the growing years, the lady with gold heart and extensive benchmarks of creativity, Ms. Puja overwhelmed the team with unique fashion. She lined up various forms of textiles for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections designed for various countries.

Its 2020 and still the journey continues…